Experiments: Disease and Treatment

Preserving Meat

Safety rules:
Parent supervision
Take care with fire or heat
Take care with the knife
Seal jars and do not reopen them

Materials you need are:
a piece of steak
a chopping board
a sharp knife
several glass jars with lids
masking tape
a waterproof pen
a saucepan
a stove
a refrigerator

Prepare small pieces of meat using different preserving methods - salty water (brine), sugary water, in vinegar (pickled), and only heated. Seal the jars with masking tape and label them. Do not open them again. Put them in a safe place away from other people and pets. Leave these at room temperature and check them daily for one week for signs of bacterial growth.

Lifestyle Checkup

Answer these questions and score 1 point for every Yes answer:

  1. Do you eat fresh fruit every day?
  2. Do you eat fresh or cooked vegetables every day?
  3. Do you eat wholegrain foods (e.g. wholemeal or brown bread, brown rice, cereal) every day?
  4. Are you trying to eat less fat?
  5. Are you trying to eat less salt?
  6. Are you trying to eat less sugar?
  7. Do you often drink plain water when you are thirsty?
  8. Are you about the right weight for your height?
  9. If you are overweight, have you started eating fewer kilojoules and having more exercise?
  10. Do you take part in regular physical exercise that causes you to breathe harder or sweat?
  11. Do you take part in this activity for 20 minutes at least 3 times a week?
  12. Do you get much exercise in the ordinary course of your day?
  13. Do you get enough satisfying sleep?
  14. Do you practise a relaxation technique regularly?
  15. Have you set goals for yourself that are based on things that are most important to you?
  16. Do you enjoy your work or your regular activities?
  17. Do you listen carefully to the people who matter to you?
  18. Do you often let people close to you know that you appreciate them?
  19. Do you have someone to turn to when the going gets tough?
  20. If you don't smoke nor drink alcohol, score a point.

Here's how you rate:
16 to 18 points -Excellent. You are doing all the important things for a happy healthy life.
13 to 17 points - Good. You are doing most of the important things.
8 to 12 points - Fair. A bit more attention is needed to improve your lifestyle.
Less than 8 - Poor. There's no time like the present to change bad habits. Check with your doctor first.