Frequently Asked Questions: Metals

Q. How is stainless steel stainless?
A. The addition of chromium oxidises more rapidly than iron, and causes airtight coating.

Q. 'Plumbum' was the old name for the metal Lead. What are the new names for these metals - Natrium, Aurium and Kalium?
A. Natrium = sodium, Aurium = gold, Kalium = potassium

Q. What are the three metals that make up stainless steel?
A. Iron, nickel and chromium

Q. Why is a Ferris Wheel also a Ferrous Wheel?
A. A Ferris Wheel is also a Ferrous Wheel because it made of iron, whose symbol is Fe. (Ha! Ha!)

Q. What are the metals that are used to make coins?
A. Gold, silver, copper, nickel