Frequently Asked Questions: Physical and Chemical Changes

Q. What would happen to a piece of wood in a vacuum at a temperature greater than its ignition temperature?
A. It would probably melt.

Q. What is the Fire Triangle or Combustion Triangle?
A. There are three things needed to make a fire - fuel to burn (e.g. paper), oxygen, and the ignition temperature (i.e. sufficient heat to start the fuel burning).

Q. Why do you throw a blanket over something that is burning?
A. The blanket keeps the oxygen away from the fuel which is burning.

Q. What does 'Get down low and go, go, go' mean?
A. Because hot air rises, the most breathable oxygen in a room that is on fire will be near the floor.

Q. What is caramel?
A. Caramel is partially burned sugar.

Q. Why don't chocolate chips melt inside chocolate chip biscuits while cooking?
A. The biscuit mixture acts as an insulator to keep the heat away from the chocolate chips so they don't melt as much.