Frequently Asked Questions: Energy

Q. Absolute zero is the coldest temperature that scientists believe exists. What is this temperature in Celsius?
A. About –273 °C

Q. Einstein wrote the equation E = mc2 . What does it mean?
A. The E means energy, the m stands for mass, and the c is the speed of light. Einstein believed that in a nuclear reaction, a small amount of matter is converted into a large amount of energy. In fact, about 1 kilogram of matter can be converted into an energy equivalent of 22 megatonnes of TNT.

Q. For what do these letters stand - LASER, SCUBA, AC, DC, TNT ?

Q. How is natural rubber made?
A. The sap of the rubber tree that grows predominantly in Malaysia is sapped from the tree. This is called latex. Then an acid such as hydrochloric acid is added and stirred, and rubber forms very quickly.