Experiments: Ecology

Making Recycled Paper

Materials you need are:
cotton wool
paper tissues
a cup for the water
rolling pin
metal gauze (like the gauze mat at school)
2 sheets of metal or hard plastic
mortar and pestle

Put the cotton wool into the mortar. Add a small quantity of water. Use the pestle to turn the wet cotton wool into a pulp. Add water and continue grinding until all of the cotton wool has the consistency of porridge.

Over a sink, hold the metal gauze and spread the pulp on top. Press the pulp flatter to squeeze out the water.

Transfer the pulp onto one of the hard flat plastic or metal sheets. Put the other on the top. Roll them flat with the rolling pin. Remove your flattened pulp sheet and allow it to dry.

Now repeat the same procedure with other types of paper (e.g. paper tissues, newspaper).