Experiments: States of Matter

Paper Boiler

Safety Rules:
Parent supervision
Take care with fire or heat
Do this outdoors

Materials you need are:
a candle
a cup made out of ordinary paper
2 supports
a wire skewer

Paper Boiler Diagram

Set up the materials as in the diagram. Light the match and be sure that the tip of the flame just touches the centre of the bottom of the cup. Quickly put about one-third of a cup of water in the cup.

The paper cup should not burn until all of the water has boiled away, because the heat is first used to boil the water and later to burn the cup.

Iron Necklace

Materials you need are:
12 icecubes
a large flat tray
coarse cotton thread
table salt

Place the ice cubes in a line on the bottom of the tray. Lay a length of thread across the surface of the line of ice-cubes. Generously sprinkle salt on the surface of the ice cubes. Wait a few minutes and lift one end of the thread.

The ice cubes should be attached to the thread. Since the melting point of salt water is lower than the melting point of pure water, the salt will help the ice to freeze with the thread attached.