Solubility Terms

Salty water Salt (solid) Water (liquid)
Cup of instant coffee Coffee (solid) Hot water (liquid)
Cleaning paint brushes Paint (liquid) Turpentine or Water (liquids)
Soft drink Carbon dioxide (gas), sugar and flavours (solids) Water (liquid)
Solder Tin (solid) Lead (solid)


  1. Heat 100 mL of water in a beaker, and dissolve as much solid (e.g. blue copper sulphate) as possible, stirring constantly.
  2. Continue heating and dissolving until no more solid will dissolve. A saturated solution has been made.
  3. Place a rod with a small crystal suspended on a thread across the top of the beaker. The crystal should be immersed in the saturated solution.
  4. Observe after several days.

Separation of Mixtures